The Gospel is the heart of the Christian message. It is the Gospel of God and Christ is the central figure. Translated literally, “gospel” means “good news.”

The Gospel is the good news that God did for us what we could not do for ourselves!

He saved us, graciously reconciling us to Himself by faith in Jesus Christ’s sinless life on our behalf, His satisfactory death in our place, and His victorious resurrection which conquered death and promises eternal life.

The Gospel is God’s great historical narrative of redemption and can be understood by looking at creation, curse, cross, and consummation.

CREATION: God created a good world; everything was in perfect order as it should have been, ruled by the Sovereign Lord. Man and woman had uninterrupted communion with God himself, knowing and being known by him fully.

CURSE: But our first parents (Adam and Eve) rebelled against God and brought sin and death and corruption into the world by their disobedience. They could no longer stay in communion with God, and their relationship with one another would suffer as well. This is the state all humans find themselves in: They are spiritually dead, unable to do anything to restore their relationship with God– inhabiting a world marked by injustice, fighting, and suffering. Humans are under a curse.

CROSS: Jesus is fully God and fully man. He came to earth, lived perfectly, and willingly offered himself on the cross as our substitute, absorbing the full curse of our sin on our behalf. His sacrifice and resurrection inaugurated his kingdom and granted us his identity– to become sons and daughters of God, enjoying communion with God once more.

CONSUMMATION: One day Jesus will return and fully remove sin’s penalty, power, and presence from the earth. The devastating curse will finally be lifted. His return will usher in the final reversal of the curse brought upon the earth and her inhabitants by man’s sin. Humans will enjoy full communion with God for eternity, living with him in a perfectly ordered and restored heavens and earth.